Over the past decade, technology has changed the way we educate. Whether it be in the classroom or the office, at home or on the move, people use technology now more than ever to learn. But, technology itself, our devices and our networks, do not improve educational outcomes on their own. These devices must be used together with properly designed instruction.

NewVia uses a five step process to Analyze your needs, Design and Develop solutions, and assist you to Implement and Evaluate your educational technology program .  Our process ensures accountability and a commitment to understanding both the educational and technological requirements to provide an effective solution.”

 mason-newFounder, Mason New

After 20 years of working in two technology companies and two schools, Mason New launched NewVia: e-Learning Design Solutions  in 2014 because he saw the need within all organizations to solve learning problems using technology.

In the early days of the world wide web, Mason worked with businesses to build websites and network infrastructure to solve problems. He saw how combining the right technological tool with a sound strategy and plan for implementation can improve business operations. Then, he decided to apply this experience with technology to the classroom. During 15 years as a classroom teacher, department chair, and director of faculty development, Mason combined technological expertise with his desire to help people maximize their learning and personal growth.

Mason holds a Master of Science in Education from Purdue University, a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College, a Bachelor of Arts in English from Washington and Lee University, and an honorable discharge from his toughest school, the United States Marine Corps.